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Funded projects by country


Welcome-Babbelkot – Han Caves Visit - 1280,00€

Welcome-Babbelkot requested funding a visit of underprivileged children to the Han caves and wildlife park on safari-car, on their summer camp in July 2024, on the theme of the mysteries of water. These children are 24, aged from 6 to 12 years.

Les Petits Riens – Bicycle garage for a reception centre - 4400,00€

Les Petits Riens creates a reception structure for people who are homeless or in need of housing. This new day centre will centralize all front-line help services. Assistance is social, medical, psycho-social, legal, material and food. It is also a place where beneficiaries can rest and take a shower. The request concerns the financing of the bike room.


Welcome Babbelkot - An Unforgettable Day at the Brussels Comic Book Museum - 340,00€

Twenty-four children from very poor backgrounds were able to visit the Brussels Comic Book museum and participate in workshops.

Compagnons Dépanneurs – Purchase of a Van - 3000,00€

Compagnons Dépanneurs helps marginalized individuals to live in decent housing conditions by performing minor repair, renovation, or maintenance work in their homes. They have requested funding for a used van, primarily for moving purposes.

This project has been funded in partnership with Afiliatys asbl.

Renovassistance – Kitchens for Social Housing - 8000,00€

Renovassistance renovates dilapidated or abandoned buildings in the Brussels region and entrusts them to a social real estate agency that provides decent housing for financially disadvantaged individuals. They have requested funding for kitchen installations in one of their social housing units. The beneficiaries would be two families of 3 or 4 and a single person or a couple.


L'Ilot – Emergency escape door and ladder in a shelter for homeless people - 6000,00€

This project involves funding an emergency door and a ladder with a walkway for evacuation in case of fire, in a temporary shelter for homeless people. This new shelter was acquired following a fire in the Jumet house.

Welcome Babbelkot – A day in Pairi Daiza - 1250,00€

The purpose of the non-profit organisation Welcome-Babbelkot is to integrate families in precarious situations and to promote intercultural cohabitation, in a neighbourhood whose population is of emigrant origin and in social and financial precariousness. It requested funding for the visit of 25 disadvantaged children to Pairi Daiza, during their summer camp whose theme will be the animal world.


L'Ilot – Securing reception centres - Brussels and Jumet - 7000,00€

The non-profit organisation L'Ilot strives to meet the needs of homeless people in very precarious situations so that they can rebuild themselves sustainably. It has been awarded 7,000€ to secure two of its reception houses, one in Brussels, the other in Jumet (Charleroi), following the advice of professionals in the security of places and people.

Babbelkot – Summer Camp – Etterbeek - 720,00€

A project co-financed by GIVE EUR-HOPE & DG BUDG Charity Art Auction

The non-profit organisation Babbelkot, which organises integration activities for disadvantaged people in Etterbeek, has been awarded 720€ to provide 24 children with a day of astronaut experience at the Euro Space Centre in Redu. 

Solidarité Grands Froids – equipping of a reception centre and products for the homeless – Brussels - 4250,00€

The NGO Solidarité Grands Froids in Brussels, which helps people on the streets, has asked to finance the acquisition of computer equipment, a stock of hygiene and clothing products and the equipping of a shed to distribute these products to homeless people. The association requested 5,500€. The project is co-financed with 2,265€ raised through the Christmas collection of DG HR.

Renovassistance – renovation of kitchens – Jette - 7000,00€

Renovassistance is a non-profit association that renovates dilapidated or abandoned buildings in the Brussels Region, entrusting them to a social real estate agency that provides decent housing for people in financial difficulty. The association asked for 10,600€ to finance the renovation of kitchens in 3 apartments in a building with a garden. The Board agreed to finance 2 kitchens at 3,500€ each.

Ellen Schraudolph


We received a generous donation in memory of Ellen Schraudolph for her project GIVE EUR-HOPE. We warmly thank the donors and shall never forget Ellen’s smile and commitment.


Securing the Marguerite Welcome Centre - Liege - 9376,00€

A project co-financed by GIVE EUR-HOPE and AFILIATYS

The association La Marguerite asbl took its name from the Liège district of Sainte Marguerite, where it has been based for several years. This area has faced a profound socio-economic decline since the early 1970s. Most of the children and adolescents in La Marguerite live in precarious conditions and receive significant help from the applicant. This support takes various forms: as an approved school for homework, school accompaniment and remediation workshops for children and teenagers; as a local integration initiative providing courses in French as a foreign language and literacy as well as citizen orientation workshops for adults and generally providing a front-line welcome for people in social, economic or moral difficulties through listening and providing advice and guidance Following a visit by the Liège Fire Department, the building is no longer compliant to accommodate the public, which would result in not only the loss of 11 jobs but also a loss of social ties for the inhabitants of the already socially fragile neighbourhood and a probable increased school dropout rate for many children and adolescents. This is the first project to be funded jointly under the Memorandum of Understanding between GIVE EUR-HOPE and AFYLIATIS. Each will provide 4,688€ towards securing the property.

Covid-19 - 2000,00€

As a mark of solidarity the Board of Directors decided that GIVE EUR-HOPE should provide 1,000€ each in support to the Belgian associations Infimiers de Rue and UNLESS asbl.

Notre Abri – Replacement of flooring - Belgium (Brussels) - 2500,00€

Notre Abri cares young children from families in great difficulty. It houses 64 children who have been entrusted to it by the Youth Service or the Youth Court. This association requested the intervention of GIVE EUR-HOPE which awarded it 2,500€ for the replacement of the flooring of 7 living units in the house. RTBF 

Renovassistance - Renovation of 2 kitchens - Belgium (Molenbeek) - 7000,00€

Renovassistance is a non-profit organisation that renovates dilapidated or abandoned buildings in Brussels region, to entrust them to a Social Real Estate Agency which provides decent housing to people in financial difficulties. GIVE EUR-HOPE provided 7,000€ towards the renovation of two kitchens in the multi-cultural area of Molenbeek.


Summer camp - Babbelkot - 400,00€

Babbelkot, which organises integration activities for disadvantaged people in Etterbeek, was granted 400 € by GIVE EUR-HOPE for the participation of 25 children in a summer camp. The theme of this camp will be the construction of a city by budding architects.


Les Petits Riens - Renovation of the social restaurant - Belgium (Brussels) - €5.000

Every year "Les Petits Riens" helps some 1,500 vulnerable people to rebuild their lives through access to shelter, employment and financial or other support. Thanks to the recycling of used clothes and the reuse of abandoned objects, this charity supports social integration and vocational training of low-skilled people. In this framework, they have set up a reception house with a social restaurant that serves some 220 hot meals every day to homeless individuals and helps some of them back into the labor market. As part of the renovation of this restaurant, Give Eur Hope has financed the € 5,000 needed to purchase an electric skillet.

Compagnons dépanneurs - Do-it-yourself and gardening tools - Belgium (Liège) - €2,000

« Les compagnons dépanneurs » is a charity which promotes housing through plumbing, electricity, or other repairs, to help disadvantaged people in exchange of a modest contribution to material costs, as it provides labor for free. Give Eur Hope gave them € 2,000 to renew their tools and expand their activities into gardening.

Roots to Grow - Learning Materials - Belgium (Brussels) – €6,000

« Au fil de l'enfance » is a charity which promotes better living together for different generations and cultures of populations subject to social exclusion. Its "Roots to Grow" project invites children from schools in Molenbeek, Schaerbeek and Saint-Josse to explore their roots and to present them in their school.

Renovassistance – Kitchen renovation in a social housing project-Belgium (Brussels) – €7,200

Renovassistance is a non-profit organization that renovates dilapidated or abandoned buildings in Brussels region, to entrust them to a Social Real Estate Agency which provides decent housing to people in financial difficulties. Give Eur Hope donated 7,200 € for the renovation of two kitchens in a social housing near Schaerbeek station.


Môma – Stages d'été pour enfants d'immigrés – Belgique - 1700,00€

Môma a.s.b.l. Cherche à créer un espace d'accueil, axé sur la culture, pour les enfants de 3 à 12 ans. Située dans un quartier populaire, non loin d'un centre d'accueil pour réfugiés de la Croix-Rouge, elle voudrait organiser des stages d'été pour des enfants de réfugiés avec des petits Tournaisiens. Môma demande 1.700 euros pour payer le stage pendant deux semaines de 10 enfants issus de familles ayant reçu le statut de réfugiés. Le projet a été concerté avec l'a.s.b.l. Tournai Refuge qui est en contact avec les familles de réfugiés.

Renovassistance – Réfection d'un logement social – Belgique - 4500,00€

Renovassistance est une association (asbl) qui rénove des immeubles abandonnés et les confie à une agence immobilière sociale pour des personnes en difficulté pour se loger décemment. Elle demande 6.874 € pour la rénovation d’une salle de bain, d’une salle de douche et d’une buanderie d'un logement destiné à une grande famille (4 à 6 enfants) à faibles revenus. GIVE EUR-HOPE a aidé Renovassistance en 2011 et en 2014. Le logement est souvent la première étape vers la réinsertion sociale.

Unless – Équipement d'aide aux sans-abri – Belgique - 7500,00€

Unless est une association (asbl) qui fournit aux sans-abri des repas et des possibilités sanitaires (douches et lavoirs). Elle demande de financer l’acquisition des équipements plus professionnels en vue d'atteindre davantage de personnes.


Au fil de l'enfance - Des Racines pour Grandir – Belgique - 8300,00€

Ce projet « des racines pour grandir » de l'a.s.b.l. « Au fil de l'enfance », qui promeut le mieux vivre ensemble  des différentes générations et cultures, consiste à inviter les élèves de 5ème et 6ème primaires à rechercher leurs racines et à les présenter, dans des écoles de deux communes avec une forte proportion d'immigrés. C'est un travail de prévention par rapport aux risques de violence, délinquance et radicalisation pour des populations précarisées et vivant l'exclusion sociale. Il a été réalisé depuis 5 ans dans une soixantaine de classes qui en avaient fait la demande. L’expérience montre qu’il donne le goût d’apprendre aux enfants et de la motivation aux enseignants. 

L'association demande de financer une partie significative de l'impression des fardes de l'enfant  et des interventions de formateurs dans les écoles.

Aménagement d’un lieu d’accueil - ATD Quart Monde – Bruxelles - 7950,00€

La Fondation ATD (Agir Tous dans la Dignité) Quart Monde Belgique demande le financement pour l'aménagement d'une salle pour l'accueil, la rencontre et l'expression artistique de personnes et familles en grande pauvreté.

Rénovation d’une maison d’accueil - Le 26 asbl (Foyer familial) - Charleroi - 5250,00€

Le Foyer familial de Charleroi, devenu le “26” est une maison d'accueil, d'hébergement et d'accompagnement, de femmes en difficultés sociales, dont la majorité est accompagnée d'enfants. Le promoteur demande de rénover l'éclairage par une installation LED, beaucoup plus économe en énergie, avec un impact positif sur l'environnement.

Promotion d’artistes réfugiés ou exilés - Muziekpublique asbl - Bruxelles - 1500,00€

L'asbl Muziekpublique promeut les musiques traditionnelles, populaires et folks. Pour cela, elle organise ainsi des concerts, offre des cours de musique et produit des CDs. Elle a réalisé l’enregistrement audio et vidéo dans un CD de musique traditionnelle par des musiciens réfugiés ou exilés, notamment de Syrie, d'Irak et d'Afghanistan, afin de revaloriser leur image. La demande concerne la contribution au lancement du CD.

Rénovation d'une maison d'accueil pour réfugiés - Convivium asbl - Bruxelles - 6300,00€

Le Mouvement Convivial a pour but de faciliter une insertion harmonieuse des réfugiés et demandeurs d'asile autorisés à séjourner en Belgique, par un accompagnement sur mesure jusqu'à l'initiation d'un nouveau projet de vie. Il met l'accent sur l'engagement et l'autonomie des personnes accompagnées. Ses services couvrent l'installation (accueil, écoute et logement) et l'insertion par des formations spécifiques. La demande concerne la rénovation d'espaces communs d'une maison d'accueil, gérée par son asbl Convivium.

Ce projet a été financé grâce aux dons et parrainages EKIDEN 2016.


Méthodes de travail- Les Amis d'Accompagner asbl – Bruxelles - 5000,00€

L'asbl « Les Amis d'Accompagner » a pour but d'accompagner physiquement sur le terrain des personnes en situation de précarité, pour des démarches auprès des administrations et des services sociaux ou judiciaires notamment, démarches requises pour l'aide sociale. La somme demandée vise à assurer le perfectionnement des méthodes de travail afin de prendre en compte les évolutions sociales et la complexité des procédures et des législations.

Le suivi

165 missions se sont déroulées du 19 août au 5 novembre 2015 et ont concerné 89 personnes différentes, accompagnées dans leurs démarches par 32 bénévoles différents.

64 de ces 165 missions ont été demandées par les partenaires ou les membres du réseau «  Les amis d’accompagner ».

Ateliers socio-culturels- Karousel asbl – Bruxelles - 6000,00€

L'asbl Karousel propose d'organiser des ateliers (architecture, photo et contes) pour 45 jeunes roms, sans papiers et issus de l'immigration. Parmi les participants, certains ont participé au projet de scolarisation de roms (2012/12) auquel GEH avait contribué. D'autres associations ont été aussi sollicitées, le budget total étant de 18.540 euros.

Plan de fontaines pour sans-abris - Infirmiers de rue asbl – Bruxelles - 400,00€

L'asbl Infirmiers de rue a demandé cette somme pour l'impression du dépliant reprenant le plan des « Fontaines d'eau potable et toilettes gratuites de Bruxelles », qu'elle voudrait afficher dans des lieux fréquentés par des sans-abris afin de favoriser leur hygiène et leur réinsertion psycho-médicale-sociale.

Camps d'été –Le Pivot asbl – Bruxelles - 3000,00€

Le Pivot propose à des personnes et familles vivant dans la grande pauvreté des projets dont elles sont les acteurs de changement, notamment par le partage d'expériences, l'ouverture à la culture et la rencontre avec le quartier (vallée du Maelbeek). Pour les enfants, il organise des camps d'été et des ateliers créatifs pendant l'année. Le soutien apporté permet aux enfants d'ouvrir leurs horizons et de développer leur confiance en eux et dans le groupe, comme tremplin vers d'autres engagements.

Formation d’une coiffeuse - Salon des femmes asbl - Bruxelles - 3500,00€

L'asbl Salon des Femmes offre à des femmes précarisées (chômeuses de longue durée, mères seules ou victimes de violences conjugales) des soins esthétiques, des conseils vestimentaires pour préparer un entretien d'embauche, une écoute et l'orientation par une travailleuse sociale vers des services compétents.Le soutien demandé à GEH vise à réduire le délai d'attente (croissant en raison de son succès) tout en formant à la coiffure une personne dépendante de l'aide sociale.

Ce projet a été financé grâce à la contribution de EC AST Network DG COMP.

Création d’atelier - CEFA – Bruxelles - 3210,00€

Le CEFA – Centre d'Education et de Formation en Alternance – pratique une alternance entre formation technique et formation en entreprise, donnant ainsi une dernière chance d'intégration scolaire et sociale. Son projet « Gratins de cultures » vise à favoriser l'expression culturelle des élèves en contact avec des artistes, pour lutter contre le décrochage scolaire. Il a été financé par GEH en 2013. Un membre de GEH était présent le 13 février 2015 à l'occasion du spectacle de Gratins de cultures et a fait un rapport très positif de cette visite. Il y a notamment un respect mutuel entre professeurs et élèves, et les élèves qui réussissent la formation trouvent tous un emploi.

Ce projet a été financé grâce aux dons et parrainages EKIDEN 2015.

Rapport de l’évaluateur du projet

15 jours de créativité artistique ont eu lieu du 2 au 13 février 2015. J’ai pu assister à la présentation des résultats des ateliers l’après-midi du 13 février.

141 élèves de différentes classes ont participé aux ateliers: expression dramatique, conte, théâtre, cinémapocket, slam, cirque. Pendant la présentation du 13 février, le Festivaleke, les élèves ont montré aussi une exposition reprenant les créations des ateliers photographie, space painting, art graphique, graffiti et street-art. Il y avait aussi l’affiche de présentation des activités et un drink avec des très bons petits snacks élaborés par les élèves.

Certaines présentations étaient remarquables et d'autres émouvantes parce qu'ils ont montrées les sensibilités et fragilités des jeunes. J'ai pu parler à plusieurs professeurs, animateurs et artistes. Il résultait de ces discussions que la chance de ceux qui terminent le CEFA avec succès sont très grandes d'avoir du travail après. Les élèves travaillent déjà 24 heures par semaines dans leur métier choisi et sont rémunérés. Une grande partie d'eux se réjouit chaque année de ces deux semaines consacrées au Gratin de cultures. Néanmoins, il y en a une participation fluctuante et instable aux ateliers ce qui rende le travail des animateurs assez difficile. En général, j'ai pu constater une énorme motivation sur les deux côtés - professeurs et élèves - et une vraie solidarité entre professeurs et élèves.

Remplacement de la centrale de détection des incendies - L'ÎLOT asbl – Bruxelles - 1000,00€

L'ïlot demande le soutien de GEH pour sa maison d'accueil pour femmes seules et familles à Bruxelles afin de renouveler la centrale de détection des incendies et la pose d'une porte coupe-feu pour la cuisine. L'objet de cette demande ayant été considéré comme à la limite de nos critères, il est décidé de circonscrire notre intervention à la porte coupe-feu.

Auto-école sociale - Chantier asbl – Charleroi - 5000,00€

L'asbl Chantier est un centre de formation professionnelle pour personnes très peu qualifiées qui sont au chômage ou qui bénéficient du revenu d'intégration sociale. Elle souhaite lancer une auto-école sociale afin de permettre l'obtention, par des personnes ayant suivi une formation professionnelle, du permis de conduire qui est exigé pour de nombreux emplois.


Provision of mattresses - L’ILOT asbl - Brussels - 3613,00€

The "L’Ilot" association is well known for its commitment to the poor and was funded by GEH in 2011 and 2012. The current project, called "S .Ac.A.Do", is based on the observation that homeless people who are relocated but unaccompanied, often face difficulties that result in them returning to the streets. The mission of L’Ilot is to accompany them during the time needed to become self-sufficient. After more than 2 years experience the success rate was 95%. Management of the rental housing agreements is looked after by a social Real Estate Agency. Furniture is available but L’Ilot has to take care of bedding, the cost of which amounts to € 3 613 for 25 mattresses, 30 blankets and anti-inflammable cushions. This project was funded thanks to proceeds from “Operation Grand Froid 2014”.

Renovation of 5 kitchen – Renovassistance asbl - Brussels - 8500,00€

The association "Renovassistance" was funded by GEH in 2011. It renovates housing for particularly disadvantaged families. This new application is for the renovation of five kitchen blocks in a long leased property for very disadvantaged families. This project was funded thanks to proceeds from the 2014 Ekiden Marathon.

Creation of a multipurpose room – OASIS asbl - Brussels - 3800,00€

Oasis is present in 10 countries worldwide and is designed to meet the practical needs of the poor. Oasis Belgium works in direct cooperation with local NGOs on the social integration of beneficiaries. The school “La Sagesse” was selected for funding. The current dining hall requires a total transformation including a boiler, toys and some equipment. This project was funded thanks to proceeds from the Schuman Trophy and the AST Network in DG Competition of the Commission.


Renovation of kitchens – Resto du Cœur - Brussels - 7560,00€

The Resto du Cœur is located in Laeken which has a high, long-term unemployment rate, especially among young people. The restaurant is open to all, to avoid stigmatising the poor. However, people on the lowest incomes receive a discount and some pay nothing. Due to an increasing number of clients, there is a lack of space and outdated kitchen equipment. The overall project - € 192 560 - is largely self-financed and benefits from a partnership with the CPAS of Brussels and other donors. GEH is paying the remaining costs. This project was funded thanks to proceeds from the 2013 Ekiden Marathon.

Social integration – Centre Social du Béguinage - Brussels - 2500,00€

Due to its location in the district of Béguinage, where a relatively large proportion of immigrants live, the Centre has naturally looked after newly-arrived foreigners. Not only are French language courses in short supply but they are also not very accessible to people without papers. There are problems of illiteracy, poverty, insecurity and marginalization. The project consists of several components designed to give up to 200 participants the tools necessary for individual and collective empowerment to promote their independence and a better understanding of their rights as citizens. The Centre recently faced cuts to its public funding and needs support for travel costs and advertising infrastructure.

Replacement of a boiler – Foyer Familial - Charleroi - 4800,00€

GEH already funded the Foyer in 2012. The new block built in the garden features 9 bedrooms, bathrooms, a living community, a kitchen and a meeting room. It can sleep up to 30 people at a time, comprising single-mothers and their children or single women. It has a 200 liter gas boiler, almost 30 years old and which has leaking pipes which had to be disconnected from the network. The water needs have increased since 1985 and are no longer sufficient. As a result, it was decided to install a 500L electric boiler.


Welcome room equipment – Flemish Refugee Action - 5100,00€

FRA provides a welcome service for refugees wishing to apply for asylum at the Immigration Office. They are offered hot soup and coffee and given the information needed for their application and other services (housing, counseling, etc.). The request is for the replacement of equipment at the centre. This project has been financed thanks to the generous donation of AFILIATYS.

Infrastructure – NASCI - Brussels - 1500,00€

Founded in December 2003, Nasci is a pluralistic and multicultural organization active in the Brussels region whose aim is to help children. The building is an old warehouse that belongs to the association and welcomes on a daily basis at least twenty women and their children. Proper maintenance of the building requires the replacement of the electrical system in the basement which stores the material and equipment to help the families.

This project was funded in cooperation with C.L.E.F. ASBL (Cercle des Loisirs de l'Enfant et de la Famille des Institutions de l'Union européenne). C.L.E.F. contribution amounts to 922,29 €.

Workshops - CEFA - Brussels - 1920,00€

In cooperation with the 'Institut de la Providence - CEFA'

CEFA in Anderlecht is situated in the Cureghem neighbourhood, which is one of the toughest in the district, with a population of young people with difficult family and social situations. The project aims to encourage school attendance when absenteeism is rife and to develop critical and creative talents. This involves creating a multi-disciplinary show (French songs, techno, graphics, photography, theatre, cooking, journalism). The total cost is €8,280 part of which is financed by the applicant and sponsors. GEH has been asked to provide €600 for buying material for the photography workshops, graphics (paper) and cooking (market purchases) and €1,920 for staff for the French song and techno workshops. This project has been financed in cooperation with the AST group of the Commission’s DG MARE.


Our Infrastructure - 1208,40€

In cooperation with 'NASCI' vzw

NASCI is a diverse, multi-cultural organization helping children in the Brussels region. Its aim is to prevent children from living in unacceptable conditions, bearing in mind that in Brussels one child in two lives below the poverty line. They are based in a former warehouse which they own. It is visited daily by at least 20 women and their children. The building needs a certain number of repairs (mainly carpentry work) to the front door and to some windows at the front and rear. Invoices for a total of €1,208.40 have been submitted.

Odd Jobs, In cooperation with 'Espace Social TELESERVICE' (Belgium) - 4750,00€

Espace Social Télé-Service has existed for more than 50 years and it aims to help deprived people and families by restoring or reinforcing their dignity. Amongst its activities, EST has set up a project to clean up and restore accommodation and organize low-cost moves to better housing (300 sites a year). Work is carried out by a team of disadvantaged young people with the aim of tackling school dropouts and to train them for qualified work. The van which they used was stolen. EST requested help to buy a replacement second-hand van.

Replacement of a boiler - 1978,05€

In cooperation with 'L’ILOT'

The Clos Centre provides a welcome and rest area where meals can also be served. Showers and washing machines for the homeless are also provided. The boiler which supplies hot water for the 6 showers, bathrooms and kitchen is out of order and GEH has been asked to finance its replacement.

Provision of mattresses for "Charleroi Family Hostel" asbl (Belgium) - 3400,00€

Without additional funding to that provided by the Wallonia Region (salaries et operating costs), it would be impossible to maintain a project in the heart of Charleroi dedicated to offering shelter to those in great distress. These are the victims of galloping poverty in the region who cannot be left out in the street, particularly in winter. In order to provide a reasonable welcome for them GEH has financed, in co-operation with the EC’s Local Staff Committee, the purchase of 25 mattresses and 5 bunk beds for young children to ensure essential comfort and hygiene requirements. This project has been financed thanks to the generous donation of the collection "Grand Froid 12".

Creation of an internet site and informatics workshop (Never without a Roof) - 4780,00€

In cooperation with "Jamais sans Toit" asbl

The project has a dual aim: to provide the Association with a website and to launch a web workshop for residents in the street. Training will be given on the use and maintenance of the website and help with its management through the publication of articles blogs and fora. The budget provides €3,500 for the site development (financing from another partner), €1,700 for the purchase of material and €3,080 for maintenance costs by paid experts.

At School with the ULB Roma children, Brussels (Belgium) - 4500,00€

In cooperation with "Karousel" asbl

This project targets homeless Roma families who fled their own countries (mainly Slovakia) because of poverty and discrimination and who were temporarily housed in ULB property before their eviction on 1 July 2012. The project, in collaboration with the asbl Karousel, aims to prepare for schooling 11 children from 10-16 years old who have had little or no education.  This is through multi-disciplinary workshops and helping them with school registration procedures. The project has been financed in association with colleagues from the Schuman Trophy and the participation of colleagues who took part in the Brussels 20km race.


Kitchen Renovation in downtown Brussels - 4000,00€

In cooperation with RENOVASSISTANCE

Renovassistance renovates old buildings to provide disadvantaged families with decent, healthy housing at low cost. GEH is supporting a project in the heart of Brussels between Place St Géry and Place Ste Catherine. The ground floor is a meeting space where, every afternoon, volunteers welcome deprived local people living on their own. The four upper floors will be renovated and divided into two 2-bedroom apartments and a duplex with 4 bedrooms. They will house three very poor families (income below 80% of the threshold to qualify for social housing). This project has been financed thanks to the generous donation of Solidarity Subcommittee Stage Fall 2010.

Follow-up report

Fight the digital fracture In cooperation with FOYER DES JEUNES DES MAROLLES (Belgium) - 3520,00€

Set up in 1961, the FJM has almost 200 more or less regular visitors – young people aged from 6 and 26, mainly from Maghreb or central Africa.

The FJM's goal is to support these young people in their personal and social development, through a welcome and listening programme, and projects (also intended to prevent youth offending).
The digital fracture project is for secondary-school children (12-16) attending the after-school homework club run the FJM since October 2010. Increasingly, the children need access to IT tools for their schoolwork. In addition, high-quality computers and other equipment are needed to run graphics and audio-visual software for projects that young people are working on with assistance from FJM staff. This project has been financed in cooperation with Schuman Trophy.

Renovation of three rooms in an emergency home for unprivileged women - 4700,00€

In cooperation with L’ILOT asbl.

The NGO L’ILOT asbl requested GEH contribute towards the renovation of three family rooms in an emergency home for unprivileged women based in Saint-Gilles.
The home provides essential initial help to the women allowing them to build up their strength, develop a life plan and obtain independence.
GEH’s has contributed €4,700 towards the purchase of furniture for the rooms. The renovation of the rooms themselves has been funded through contributions from other partners.


BIO-B-ECO – Training - 3600,00€

Training in the framework of the Natura 2000 program for disadvantaged people living in a mountainous region and with low incomes in the harvesting and processing and sale of herbs and mushrooms.


Future for Everybody – Creation of a website - 7400,00€

The main objective of the foundation is to contribute to improving the well-being of pensioners and disabled people living in poverty.

In the process of providing medical and legal advice to a target group of pensioners and persons with disabilities, the main wish expressed by this group was to get help in finding a job. The aim of the project is therefore to launch an online employment website for low-pension pensioners and people with disabilities looking for employment opportunities to increase their monthly income which is too low. The amount requested is EUR 7,400.

Teosis – Summer Camps - 2550,00€

The Bulgarian association Teosis has requested support for organizing a summer camp in nature with 40 children and young people from poor families and 20 young people living in orphanages to help them assume their responsibilities.

Roms Coppersmiths – Blacksmith Artisan Training - 5200,00€

The Roms Coppersmiths association, founded by young Roma individuals, has requested funding for the training of 20 young Roma individuals in the traditional Roma blacksmith art, to help them integrate the working world.


Bio-B-Eko – Purchase of a second-hand vehicle to help vulnerable people in isolated mountain villages - 6500,00€

The Bulgarian association Bio-B-Eko has requested funding for a used off-road vehicle to assist vulnerable people living in isolated and difficult to reach mountain villages.

ASD - Virtual consultations for pregnant women and young Roma mothers - Plovdiv - 5120,00€

The Bulgarian foundation TSA (Trust for Social Achievement) has requested  7,670 € to organise virtual consultations by nurses and midwives for pregnant women and mothers of small children (up to 2 years) in Roma communities that are particularly isolated due to the pandemic. The request concerns the purchase for one year of the internet connection for the 60 women beneficiaries. The contract with the supplier provides for the distribution of a tablet free of charge. The advice will be done through videos, given the low level of literacy. 


Teosis – Summer Camps – Ruse - 3200,00€

The Bulgarian association Teosis aims to integrate disadvantaged people. It has received 3,200€ for the organisation of a summer camp in the mountains for children and young people from large single-parent families, orphans, abandoned or very poor, to develop their skills. It plans to organise such camps again the next year.  This year's camp could be maintained due to the measures envisaged against the pandemic.


Hair dressing course for Roma minority in Sofia - 2260,00€

Stoyanka Sokolova 1999 is a cultural and educational centre in the Roma district of Faculteta that supports the civil education of the Roma community through providing arts and cultural related programmes which enhance the dissemination of the Roma cultural traditions. GIVE EUR-HOPE is supporting with 2,260€ the provision of an educational hairdresser course for 10 Roma people for 300 hours (theoretical 120, practical 180). After finishing the hairdressers course and passing the theoretical and practical exams, the beneficiaries will be provided with official certificates which will allow them to start their own business or to work in an existing hair salon.

Teosis Summer Camps - Bulgaria - 3000,00€

Teosis Summer Camps, Bulgaria which aims to integrate disadvantaged people has been awarded 3,000€ for the organisation of a summer camp in the mountains with children and young people who are either from large single-parent families, orphans, abandoned or extremely poor, in order to develop their skills. It plans to organize such camps for the next two years

Cedar Foundation - Underprivileged Youth Support Programme - Bulgaria (Kazanlak) - 5000,00€

The Cedar Foundation is a Bulgarian NGO that develops alternatives for young orphans from state institutions. It has already been subsidised by GEH in 2014 for specialized physiotherapy equipment, and in 2017 for the development of 24 children and young people, poor and partially mentally or cognitively disabled, through occupational and artistic therapy. GIVE EUR-HOPE agreed to provide 5,000€ to a personal development project for 12 disadvantaged teenagers who are housed in a home because of abandonment or serious violence in their families

Bio-B-Eco - Firewood Splitting Machines - Bulgaria (Borino) - 2400,00€

The NGO Bio-B-Eco focuses on improving the wider environment in the village of Borino, located in a poor region in southeastern Bulgaria (Smolyan) which has a largely elderly population due to the emigration of young people from the area. GIVE EUR-HOPE agreed to provide 2,400€ for the purchase of two log-splitting machines of different sizes to facilitate the supply of firewood for the winter as well as the purchase of a drill to maintain the fences. After the payment was received, the association asked to use the amount awarded differently: to buy a cheaper log splitter and, with the difference, buy a chainsaw. This change has been accepted.

Roma- Coppersmiths - Introduction to Expression by Theatre - Bulgaria (Shumen) - 4100,00€

The Roma-Coppersmiths association, founded by young Roma and located in the north-east of Bulgaria, aims to help Roma integrate. It has been awarded 4,100€ by GIVE EUR-HOPE to develop training on expression by theatre for 20 Roma children and their families. It is hoped that the participants will become ambassadors for new cultural values in their community.

Caritas Sofia - Mobile medical care - Bulgaria (Sofia) - 5000,00€

Caritas Sofia offers services, especially for the homeless. It has established long-term contacts with beneficiaries based on trust, support and mutual respect. GIVE EUR-HOPE allocated 5,000€ for a mobile medical service for the homeless who are not covered by the Bulgarian health system.


Education for All - ATD Fourth World - Plovdiv - 7500,00€

The International Movement ATD Fourth World is an NGO that strives to eradicate extreme poverty. It received 7,500€ from GIVE EUR-HOPE to help finance a workshop between people and associations fighting poverty in Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania in particular) to identify and understand the obstacles that prevent children from going to school, from a school located in a disadvantaged district of Plovdiv, where three ATD volunteers have been involved for more than 3 and a half years. This workshop should contribute to the recognition of parents as actors and partners for their children's academic success.

Open Eyes - Psychosocial Rehabilitation - Varna - 5600,00€

GIVE EUR-HOPE provided the Open Eyes association with 5,600€ to rehabilitate people addicted to psychoactive substances for their social integration and to help their families. Most of these people are homeless. The programme will be carried out with a therapeutic community of doctors, nurses, social workers and psychologists.


CEDAR Foundation – Développement de jeunes handicapés pauvres – Bulgarie - 6200,00€

La fondation CEDAR est une ONG bulgare qui développe des alternatives pour de jeunes orphelins, issus d'institutions étatiques. Déjà subsidiée par GEH en 2014 pour un équipement physio-thérapeutique spécialisé, elle demande de financer le développement de 24 enfants et jeunes, pauvres et partiellement handicapés mentaux ou cognitifs, par une thérapie occupationnelle et artistique.


Isolation de maisons pour Roms - ADRA – Bulgarie de Sud-ouest - 3800,00€

ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) finance un projet HOPE (Housing Opportunities with Participation and Empowerment), considéré comme meilleur modèle de logement social par la Banque mondiale. Sa mise en oeuvre a fait l'objet de soutiens de GEH en 2012 et 2014, qui ont été suivis par des rapports positifs. ADRA Bulgarie demande maintenant un soutien pour la rénovation de maisons habitées par des Roms à Kyustendil, cinq familles qui n'avaient pas pu être couvertes en 2014. Cette rénovation permet non seulement de réduire la consommation énergétique mais aussi de supprimer les moisissures, sources de maladies.

Ce projet a été financé grâce aux dons et parrainages EKIDEN 2014.


Renovation of a welcome centre for the disabled – DIOGENES - Brashlen - 3700,00€

The Diogenes association, founded in 1975, is renovating a house for disabled poor people looked after by the Bulgarian Association "Green Bridges". The latter was founded in 2004 and operates in the area north of Ruse in Bulgaria and has been working with Diogenes since 2008, when the Bulgarian government stopped funding institutions dealing with disabled people. "Green Bridges" allows people with a disability – whose poor families cannot support them - to find refuge in a safe house, which must, however, be up to standard to receive a license. This project was financed in cooperation with the AST group of DG MARE in the Commission.

Insulation of social housing – ADRA - Sofia - 3800,00€

The project involved the outer insulation of two blocks of social housing with polymer panels, thereby reducing energy consumption - reduction in management costs - as well as providing easier maintenance (water only).

Physiotherapy equipment for disabled poor people – CEDAR Foundation - Sofia - 4800,00€

The Cedar Foundation, established in Bulgaria since 2005, sought the support of GEH for specialized physiotherapy equipment in a shelter run disabled, poor people


Setting up an Integration Centre - Future for Krepost - Krepost - 2150,00€

Various ethnic groups make up the village of Krepost (in southern Bulgaria): the Roma Kopanari (of Romanian origin) suffer from isolation and rejection. The project involves 18 training sessions for 25 children aged 8-15 years old: sex education, disease prevention, hygiene, school work, and including meeting teachers from vocational schools. Some work is needed at the welcome centre: replacing a floor and a door, as well as the purchase of furniture, school books and some other equipment.


Roms Coppersmiths - 5000,00€

In cooperation with 'Coppersmith’s Trade-Traditions and Perspectives'

The project aims to integrate Roma into civil society and to provide training in the treatment of copper and the manufacture of craft items. 20 unemployed young people will be trained by experienced artisans to acquire both a trade and to promote traditional skills. A permanent exhibition of these items will also be organized which will give visibility to their activities and show these young people that they have a real possibility to integrate society. €7,640 was requested.

Insulation of a Medical Centre - 6000,00€

In cooperation with 'ADRA'

This project involved the insulation of a medical centre. Damp in the walls had meant that the centre no longer met hygiene standards for multiple occupancy, particularly in winter when it was partially used to house Roma families. Medical treatment could, therefore, be carried out in greatly improved conditions. GEH was asked to provide €6,000.00 of the total budget of €10,000.00, the difference being paid by the applicant.


Development of a farm and its conversion into a centre for disadvantaged families - 6452,80€

In cooperation with "Nomme Child Welfare Organisation"

The project aims to improve the distribution of drinking water on the farm by drilling wells, installing  piping, a pump and a tank to collect used water.


Utopia 56 – Acquisition of a second-hand vehicle - 5000,00€

Utopia 56 mission provides shelter, accommodation, and essential supplies to distressed exiled individuals. They have requested funding for the acquisition of a second-hand vehicle to address their displacement needs in support of these exiled individuals.

Réfugiés Bienvenue – Furnishing of Welcome Homes - 3000,00€

Réfugiés Bienvenue manages three welcome homes aimed at reintroducing communal living (including with financially disadvantaged French individuals) and a professional life for immigrants who have been granted refugee status. The request concerns the furnishing of one of these three homes.


ESF – Intervention Ukraine Supply of solar lamps and chargers - 5000,00€

Electriciens sans Frontières, an NGO under French law, is preparing to intervene and is mobilizing volunteers and partners to provide support in neighbouring countries where Ukrainian refugees are heading.

An intervention aimed at the electrical security of buildings transformed into places of accommodation, the power supply of camps and hospital structures as well as the response to the electrical needs of NGOs established locally in bordering countries

Utopia 56 – Purchase of a vehicle to help exiled people – France (North) - 5200,00€

The Utopia 56 Association's mission is to meet the needs of exiled and isolated people on the French-English sea border by welcoming, accommodating and offering basic services. The support of 5,200€ will go towards the purchase of a used vehicle to travel daily to the beneficiaries' places of life.


ECCOFOR - Equipment for a training centre, Dole - 5000,00€

ECCOFOR is an employment-training association for young people who have dropped out of school seeking work in occupations in demand (car maintenance, metalworking and locksmithing). The association requested 5,000€ for computer equipment.


Dracénie solidarités – Création de jardins partagés – France - 4500,00€

Dracénie solidarités est une association qui dans le cadre de son projet d’Eco-hameau solidaire (logements sociaux pour 75 personnes fragilisées) à Draguignan (Var) lance une action de jardins partagés pour laquelle elle a demandé le soutien de GIVE EUR-HOPE, au profit d’une cinquantaine de personnes en précarité. Ces jardins, basés sur la culture biologique, couvriraient des potagers, des jardins des senteurs, d’agrément, des vergers et la mise en place de ruches. Le montant demandé est de 7,000 €. L'irrigation, la protection contre les sangliers et les outils sont financés.

Formation et insertion professionnelle de jeunes - Institut de l’Engagement – Paris - 5520,00€

L'institut de l'engagement est une association qui a pour objectif de valoriser le fort potentiel révélé par des jeunes pendant le Service civique. Il demande l’accompagnement pendant 1 an de jeunes en situation socio-économique particulièrement fragile. Ils bénéficieront ainsi d’un accompagnement personnalisé, de bourses de vie et/ou de scolarité́ adaptées à leur situation, et participeront aux séminaires de l’Institut.

Lire la suite

D'origine guinéenne, Oumou est venue en France pour pouvoir continuer ses études après le bac. Elle a voulu s'engager en Service Civique pour s'impliquer dans la communauté et a mené à bien une mission autour du soutien scolaire. Le rêve d'Oumou était d'entrer en école de commerce mais, malgré ses qualités et son fort potentiel, elle n'avait pas les moyens de payer sa scolarité et ne pouvait mettre en avant son parcours antérieur, éloigné des parcours classiques. L'Institut de l'Engagement lui a permis de lever ces obstacles. Il a présenté Oumou à l'EM Lyon, l'une des 5 meilleures écoles de management de France. Pour qu'elle puisse entrer dans cette école et se consacrer pleinement à ses études, l'Institut lui a attribué une bourse de scolarité et une bourse de vie.. Oumou vient d’être embauchée chez Accenture, également partenaire de l'Institut de l'Engagement.

Issu d'un milieu modeste, Aurélien a longtemps enchaîné les petits boulots alimentaires, sans perspective professionnelle. Pendant son Service Civique à Lens, il s'est engagé en maison de retraite auprès de personnes âgées. Cette mission a conforté Aurélien dans le projet qui lui tenait à cœur depuis des années : devenir ambulancier. Convaincu par son potentiel, l'Institut a mis Aurélien en contact avec une professionnelle de l'Institut pour préparer son entretien d'admission et l'a aidé à obtenir le financement de sa scolarité auprès d'une fondation partenaire. Aurélien a intégré une formation d'ambulancier, métier dans lequel l'offre d'emplois est importante.


Musical education for children

In cooperation with 'Frauenhilfe Frankfurt'

Music lessons are provided to young girls from deprived backgrounds in order to stimulate their creativity, give them confidence and put them in touch with children of the same age. This helps their gradual reintegration to society. The applicant finances the lessons and has asked GEH to help with buying instruments. These will be given to the students when they have sufficiently mastered their instrument.

GEH decided to finance a 10-day workshop and the acquisition of a musical instrument for 2,750.00 


Argo Medical Solidarity for Greece – Kalamoudi Health Centre – Greece (Euboea) - 3000,00€

The association "Argo Medical Solidarity for Greece" has received a contribution of 3,000€ to repair the health centre of Kalamoudi  (Euboea)  following the fires of the summer of 2021. It is a region with little tourism with a lower than average standard of living. 


Création d'un musée pour l’école de la prison - Smart - Larissa - 1500,00€

L'école de la seconde chance de la prison de Larissa veut créer un petit musée d'art (Smart : Small Museum of Art) pour exposer les œuvres des prisonniers. Elle vise à leur donner une seconde chance pour des études de niveau secondaire et pour cultiver leurs aptitudes afin de les préparer à la réintégration sociale.  C'est avec leur aide que le musée sera construit.


Renovation of laundry facilities for the homeless – UWAH - Crete - 7000,00€

The Union of Women's Associations in Heraklion asked GEH to support the renovation of a laundry that cleans clothes and blankets at a day centre for the homeless in Heraklion. The centre also provides primary health care, psychological support and information. The renovation work involves mainly the purchase of three washing machines.


ATD Fourth World - Workshop on the fight against extreme poverty-Hungary (Budapest) – €7,500

The international movement "Act All for Dignity" (ATD Fourth World) is a charity dedicated to the fight against extreme poverty. Give Eur Hope has contributed 7,500 € to the financing of a series of workshops and meetings between people and associations fighting poverty on the one hand in Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Romania in particular) and on the other hand in Western Europe (Belgium, France and United Kingdom).


Medical equipment for the Kismaros Cistercian medical clinic - 2650,00€

The clinic helps a great many people: 660 new patients a year, 5,000 consultations (adults and children), and electrotherapy treatments for 6,800 people.

Treatment costs are not refunded by the state, and the clinic receives no official subsidies. It needs donations to develop and keep on providing orthopaedic services in a region with no other provision. The clinic specifically sets out to give underprivileged people the healthcare they need (for back problems, joint pain) so they can continue working.
Two electrotherapy equipments are provided.


Training for homeless women - Galway Simon Community - Galway - 5850,00€

The Simon Community in Galway (west of Ireland) requests funding to provide training for 30 homeless women. Collective and individual training courses will provide the women with psychological and intellectual resources to promote better integration and protection in their domestic and social life.

Renovating the roof of a shelter - Athlone (Ireland) - 6000,00€

Esker House is the only shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic violence in the Athlone area (in the centre of Ireland). The centre provides a welcome point and shelter for victims in the medium and long term. This project has been financed in cooperation with the AST group of the Commission’s DG MARE.


Pedagogy of Cultural Rights - 3200,00€

In cooperation with "Blue Drum"

The Organisation “Blue Drum” (trade name of  Arts Specialist Support Agency) is one of 5 support agencies set up by the Irish Government’s  Family Support Agency.  Blue Drum seeks to promote cultural and artistic events in order to encourage the most disadvantaged local communities to become aware of their marginalisation and their right of cultural expression. GEH’s contribution will fund the organisation of activities (circles) and artists’ salaries. 


Aide aux victimes du tremblement de terre – Italie - 21350,00€

L’hôpital de la ville d’Amandola (région Marche) a été détruit par le tremblement de terre du mois d’août en Italie. Le Maire de la ville et son administration sont à la recherche de fond pour installer un hôpital de camp en mesure de fournir aux résidents les aides de santé urgentes en attendant la réouverture de l’ancien hôpital. La société FLEX HOUSE SYSTEM a fourni à la municipalité deux modules dont un a été donne et l’autre devra être remboursé. Ce deuxième mesure environ 60 mc et le montant à rembourser à l’entreprise s’élève à environ 50,000.00 €, la commune ayant contribué avec ses fonds propres à une partie de la construction.

L’intégralité de la somme récoltée lors de la collecte de fonds auprès des fonctionnaires de la Commission Européenne a été versée  en contribution aux frais d’installation de l’hôpital.


Social integration – IL GRAFO - Milan - 2520,00€

The target group consists of foreign women on low incomes who, after finishing their training at the ITAMA school for foreigners, still find themselves socially excluded. The project aims to offer them the opportunity to meet with other women – both foreign and Italian - and increase their level of social integration. In cooperation with other organizations, they will receive training in literacy, health and the labour market. The overall cost of the project amounts to € 7 388. GEH will cover the training costs of one expert, or € 2,520 for 42 two-hour meetings. Other costs (€ 4,868) such as salaries and material are covered by Il Grafo.


Hairdressers for a food bank - Matchpoint - Amersfoort - 750,00€

Matchpoint in Amersfoort (a town between Utrecht and Amsterdam) is an association which tries to support local projects that tackle social issues. The aim of this project is to install a hair salon in a food bank, open twice a week, where people can have their hair done for free by two professional hairdressers. The amount requested covers the purchase of two second-hand seats (with booster seats for children), two large mirrors, a linoleum floor covering and other small equipment.


Sports équipement - Wanda Garczymska - Walbrzych - 4000,00€

La région de Walbrzych est une des plus pauvres en Pologne. Suite à une fermeture de mines, 20.000 personnes se sont retrouvées dans une situation précaire. Wanda Garczymska accueille des enfants qui n’ont pas d’alternative à la rue. Le projet vise à renforcer l’activité par la mise en place d’un centre sportif. Il comporte trois parties : achat d’équipement sportif, rénovation de la salle de sport, remplacement d’un terrain (le financement sera demandé à NATO Charity Bazar). La demande de soutien à GEH concerne le premier volet du projet, d’un montant de 6,000.00 €, avec contribution de la Fondation de 1,400.00 €. Ce projet a été financé grâce au don généreux de Femmes d'Europe.


Construction of an access ramp in a refuge for homeless individuals that are disabled or ill (Poland) - 5000,00€

This project involves the construction of an access ramp in a homeless refuge located in a neighbourhood in Warsaw. The ramp will help homeless individuals that are disabled or ill to access the refuge without which they would be left to live on the streets. The cost of this work amounts to €15,000 of which GEH has contributed €5,000. The project should be completed by late 2011/early 2012.

Rapport de suivi (only available in french)


RCHF - Timmy Mouse - 3800,00€

The Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation (RCHF) has requested support for the distribution of a new educational book, covering various subjects (language, math, geography, and introduction to English), in kindergartens, hospitals, and placement institutions.


RCHF – Summer Camps - 3600,00€

Funding for 65 children from families too poor to go on vacation to participate to mountain camps. Food and replacement of 4 defective tents are included.

RCHF – Portable Toilets - 1500,00€

The Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation (RCHF) has requested funding for portable toilets for 60 people, in rural villages, who have difficulty accessing outdoor toilets.

RCHF – Timmy Mouse - 4000,00€

The Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation (RCHF) has requested 4,000 € to print 3,000 copies of a new children's book, "Timmy Mouse and the Grumbling Cloud". It has a lot of creative elements that the teacher can use. It also allows children to learn simple words and phrases in English. This book is likely to contribute to the social integration of these children who live in great poverty.


RCHF - Rural Hygiene - Romania (North East) - 1500,00€

The RCHF Foundation (Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation) has been granted 1,500€ to finance the purchase of portable toilets and sinks for 60 families who do not have this necessary form of hygiene.

RCHF Foundation - Solar lamps - Romania (North East) - 1300,00€

The Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation has been awarded 1,300€ to finance the distribution of solar lamps to about forty families too poor to pay for the electricity connection. They currently use home-made candles that have caused fires with toxic fumes because of the materials used to make them.

RCHF - Children's Day - Romania (North East) - 400,00€

A project co-financed by GIVE EUR-HOPE & DG BUDG Charity Art Auction

The Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation has received 400€ to fund outdoor days for 60 children, in groups of 10, from poor villages. These days are intended to compensate as much as possible for the summer camps that cannot be organised this year because of the pandemic. This project has been co-financed by DG BUDG Charity Art Auction

Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation - Timmy Mouse - (North-East) - 3500,00€

The RCHF Foundation has been awarded 3,500€ to finance the printing of two books to prepare underprivileged children, cared for in hospitals and state institutions, for primary education. One book is about colours, the other about language


The RCHF Foundation Outing Days for Underprivileged Children - Romania - 150,00€

The RCHF (Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation) has received 150€ to fund two days of outings for underprivileged children, as the camp planned under a previous project cannot take place due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

RCHF - Solar Lamps – Romania - 1000,00€

The RCHF Foundation (Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation). GIVE EUR-HOPE has committed 1,000€ to fund 28 solar lamp kits for families too poor to pay for an electricity connection.

RCHF - Summer Camps - Romania (North East) - 2000,00€

The RCHF (Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation) received 2,000€ from GIVE EUR-HOPE towards this year’s summer camps.


Educational Books for Underprivileged Children - North East Romania - 3100,00€

RCHF (Romanian Children Humanitarian Fund) was awarded 3,100€ by GIVE EUR-HOPE for the printing of educational textbooks that will incorporate the various books produced as well as a new, more suitable exercise books for underprivileged children in Romania's poorest region. These books will be distributed in kindergartens, hospitals and orphanages that do not have them to stimulate the learning and development of these young children.

RCHF - Supply of solar light kits - Suceava, North East Region - 1000,00€

Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation (RCHF) has received a co-funding of € 1,000 for solar light kits adapted to the needs of the inhabitants of an isolated village in the Suceava department of Romania. In total, 137 families now have access to electricity that they could not afford previously due to their limited financial means. This will also reduce the risk of domestic fires due to the use of candles and lanterns.

RCHF - Three-year partnership for summer camps for children: 2019 - North East Region - 2000,00€

Given the success of the summer camps of the previous years, Give Eur Hope has made the commitment to fund three new series of camps run by RCHF (Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation) in 2019, 2020 and 2021 to a maximum amount of 2,000€ per year. In 2019, the opportunity to participate in a 5-day camp was thus offered to three groups of 25 children from very disadvantaged families in the region, including children victims of domestic violence.


RCHF- 2018 Summer Camps - Romania (North East Region) - €1,805

In 2018, the Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation (RCHF), a Dutch charity active in Northeastern Romania, the poorest region of the country, received € 1,805 to organize three 5-day summer camps for 75 children. These children come from very poor families or have been placed in institutions following abuse in their families.

St John Bosco Foundation - Summer Camp - Romania (South Moldova) - €4.000

The Saint John Bosco Foundation (Fundatia Sfantul Ioan Bosco) is dedicated to improving the living conditions of children and teenagers from families living below the minimum subsistence level in the Bacau region of South Moldova. Give Eur Hope contributed € 4,000 to their organizing cultural training sessions during the summer holiday period for the benefit of 150 children and teenagers.


RCHF - Introductory books to calculation (Timmy Mouse Program) - Romania (North East) - €4,300

To prepare children from disadvantaged backgrounds to enter primary school, Give Eur Hope donated €4,300 to the Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation (RCHF) which is active in the poorest region of Romania (North East). This allowed RCHF to print and distribute 3,500 books 'Timmy Mouse' to introduce these children to the calculation in a playful way.


RCHF - Programme Timmy Mouse – Roumanie - 4750,00€

RCHF a demandé le soutien de GIVE EUR-HOPE pour l'impression de cartes 'Timmy Mouse' destinés à améliorer le développement d'enfants défavorisés vivant dans la région la plus pauvre de Roumanie (Nord Est) afin de les aider à se préparer à l'école primaire, notamment en augmentant leur vocabulaire et leurs aptitudes à communiquer.

Ce projet a été financé grâce à la collecte de fonds lancée lors du 17 octobre 2016, Journée Internationale de Lutte contre la Pauvreté.

Vatra – Activités pour Enfants Défavorisés en Zone Rurale – Roumanie - 4300,00€

L'association Vatra a notamment pour objectif d'organiser des activités culturelles et environnementales pour des enfants de familles à bas revenus et des enfants d'institutions (orphelins, handicapés) dans une zone rurale des Carpates. Pour promouvoir leur participation par groupe d'une dizaine d'enfants – jusqu'à 120 par année – elle voudrait acheter 10 vélos et une remorque pour les transporter.

Soutien psychiatrique à des sans-abris - Concordia - Bucarest - 6,00€

Concordia Roumanie accompagne des sans-abris, souffrant notamment de maladies psychiatriques, au centre social St Lazar de Bucarest. La demande concerne la mise en place d'un système de gestion de cas par un psychiatre expérimenté dans ce domaine ; ce système vise à accompagner individuellement la personne concernée selon un protocole transposable à d’autres sans-abris souffrant des mêmes maux.

Ce projet a été financé grâce aux dons et parrainages EKIDEN 2016.


Livres éducatifs pour enfants défavorisés - RCHF – est-Roumanie - 4005,00€

RCHF a demandé le soutien de GEH pour l'impression de livres 'Timmy Mouse' destinés à améliorer le développement d'enfants défavorisés vivant dans la région la plus pauvre de Roumanie (Nord Est) pour les aider à se préparer à l'école primaire, notamment en augmentant leur vocabulaire et leurs aptitudes à communiquer.  

Ce projet a été financé grâce aux dons et parrainages EKIDEN 2015.

Livres éducatifs pour enfants défavorisés - RCHF – Roumanie - 4500,00€

RCHF a demandé le soutien de GEH pour l'impression de livres destinés à améliorer le développement d'enfants défavorisés vivant dans la région la plus pauvre de Roumanie (Nord-Est) pour les aider à se préparer à l'école primaire, notamment en augmentant leur vocabulare et leurs aptitudes à communiquer. Le financement de GEH est primaire, notamment en augmentant leur vocabulaire et leurs aptitudes à communiquer.

Ce projet a été financé grâce aux dons et parrainages EKIDEN 2015.


Summer Camp – RCHF – North-east Romania - 3160,00€

GEH has already twice funded RCHF. On this occasion it will finance equipment for a summer camp attended by 60-80 children and a youth club. The project concerns the purchase of tents, cooking equipment, chairs, tables and board games.


Street Food - Frères Europa - Satu Mare - 2670,00€

Since 1991, the association “Europa Brothers” has been active in the region of Satu Mare (north-west Romania). Its activities are focused on disadvantaged young people from orphanages. The Fast-food street project was a success, but needs to be improved, especially with regard to energy expenditure and mobility. The request is funding for a van and equipment. The total project cost is estimated at € 24,320 for which Europa Brothers received two other promises of financing: Emmaüs €18,000 and Michelin €2,500. This project has been financed in cooperation with the AST group of the Commission’s DG COMP.

Equipment for a mixed-aged centre - RCHF - North-east Romania - 3455,00€

In cooperation with 'RCHF'

The project aims to equip a mixed-age centre in the area of Ciocanesti which was kindly made available to the applicant by the mayor of the commune with a view to distancing children from the streets and to give pensioners a meeting place to their mutual benefit. The request was for the supply of furniture and maintenance equipment.

Download RCHF's testimony (PDF 46Ko)


Purchase of sports equipment for children in a Romanian village - 1000,00€

In cooperation with the "Romanian Children’s Humanitarian Foundation"

This project involves furnishing sports equipment for children living in a rural village in Romania. There are no leisure facilities in the village and after school the children could only play on the streets or spend time in cafés (alcohol, smoking, vandalism). Table tennis tables, basket ball sets, etc have been purchased in order to organise activities in local school hall. The children will now have organised sports and other activities. The same school is only heated by wood burning stoves. The wood had to be cut by the teachers with a hand saw. Funding was approved to buy a chain-saw. This project has been financed thanks to the generous donation of the AST group of the Commission's DG MARE.

More information:

Stichting Romanian Children’s Humanitarian Foundation Newsletter, Spring 2012


Abri maternel - Centre de services sociaux Maribor – Maribor - 4565,00€

L'abri maternel de Maribor héberge des mères avec leurs jeunes enfants, qui ont subi l'exclusion sociale et des violences, jusqu'à ce qu'elles puissent vivre de manière indépendante. Les femmes y reçoivent une aide professionnelle (psychologie, scolarisation) et des conseils juridiques. L'abri maternel a demandé une aide pour des armoires et des étagères.

Ce projet a été financé grâce aux dons de l’aisbl Femmes d’Europe et de EC AST Network DG MARE


Centro Joven Tetuan - Summer Camp -Spain (Madrid). €1,000

The Tetuan Youth Center is supported by the Caritas association. It works with marginalized youth in a poor district of Madrid. Give Eur Hope contributed € 1,000 to their organizing a summer camp for 35 young people, in the countryside north of Madrid.


Mobilier pour un centre d’accueil de jeunes immigrés - San German Caritas – Madrid - 7200,00€

La section de Caritas pour la paroisse San German demande le financement du mobilier destiné au Centre pour jeunes du quartier de Tetuan, le quartier de Madrid avec le plus haut pourcentage d'immigrés. Ce centre leur offre des activités (football, basket, théâtre créatif et des ateliers de formation préprofessionnelle) dans le but de lutter contre un désœuvrement propice à la délinquance.