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Submitting a project

The Association GIVE EUR-HOPE (GEH) is always prepared to examine requests for financial support submitted by communities or local associations for the completion of microprojects working to combat poverty and social exclusion. GIVE EUR-HOPE is also ready to study such requests when they are submitted by NGOs or those representing these communities, provided that there are guarantees that they correspond to the real needs and wishes of the communities themselves. 

Given its limited human and financial resources, GIVE EUR-HOPE has had to define the scope of its interventions and has, therefore, set out intervention criteria, which should really be consulted before submission of a request for financial support.
GIVE EUR-HOPE has prepared a memorandum for projects proposal to help those wishing to submit a project.  This sets out the information required for the analysis of any request.  It is important to include with any submission verifiable references which would ideally be given by several reliable organisations.

On their receipt by the Association,  all requests are examined and analysed.  This may take several weeks depending on the applicant being able to reply to any requests for additional information.

Projects supported by GEH aim to contribute to combating poverty and social exclusion.  They cover principally:

  • the construction / renovation of homes and sheltered housing;

  • the setting up of basic health facilities (dispensaries in underprivileged areas, nurses/street nurses);

  • training people on citizenship issues, by informing them about their rights as citizens and imparting the skills required to exercise these rights (literacy support, language classes);

  • initiatives in the socio-cultural field, intended to encourage the sharing of knowledge, including through artistic expression;

  • the setting up or support of professional development and tutorial networks.  

Financing requests can be sent by e-mail to: